Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today they tore down Vera as I knew it. It was a week early so no one knew it was happening until a Sub Pop employee saw it coming down and sent out the alert. Sigh. It is another ending to the end of an era. I knew the last time I was in there it would be the last time I would see the inside of 1916 Fourth Avenue even if it I would walk by the chainlink gated doorway several months later. It is still hard to imagine that I won't be in my sunny green office with the annoying pass through that everyone used instead of the hallway, or have anymore meetings in the conference room dizzily painted with red and black diagnol stripes. No more breakdancing in the show room, cursing the smell of urine as you walk through the threshold, no more peeling paint with mold hidden underneath its blue latex layers. I feel like I know every knook and cranny of those 6800 sq ft. And ingested every hazardous substance in its structure. Lovingly. So much work went it to it. Hopefully that work will stick with Vera no matter where it is housed.

On a lighter note, I have been having this weird problem that I sometimes have randomly--inappropriate blushing. Does anyone else have this? You find yourself turing red for no apparent reason. Is it that pheremones are in high circulation? is it my really bad diet and lack of cardiovascular exercise? It's weird and embarrasing but you can imagine what getting embarrassed does to a person who is blushing. sheesh.

Listening to - my mopey break up mix and thinking about asbestos.


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