Wednesday, August 09, 2006

uh oh. spoke to soon. that's how it goes i guess. hot older dude that I met at the nat'l hip hop political convention's got game. I wasn't sure. He came into town to practice and play at a festival with his band and the first night we hung out it was kind of a bust. I was like, "is he stoned? is he really stoned?" I ridded all thoughts of crushing out of my mind and went about my weekend. I even went so far as to not return a phone call one night and opted to hang out by myself. The last day he was here I decided to give it another shot. I knew at the very least that I would want to be friends. Things were 180 degrees different. Hmmm. . . this doesn't really fit into my plan. and furthermore, it's seems like it's opened the pandora's box of nascent crushes. spring fever in the summer is in full effect.


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