Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Garden Party, halfway here. Again.

I have my first deadline with my job coming up in two days. I'm oscillating between moments of feeling great clarity and like I'm on to something to feeling like I don't know what the hell I'm doing and like it was insane to except an opportunity to try to do something solo. While I question my motiviation to do this work less and less, I question what exactly I'm doing in California working for a company whose heart is in electoral politics and wants to be able to measure cultural change within an election cycle. Universe give me the strength to figure out how to do years worth of work in the next two months and without screwing up the potential of this project. . . then again, everyone quit what they are doing and start working on ending the insanity in the middle east. what are we on the verge of here?

On the lighter side of things, SF is settling into me and me into it. My roommate and I strung up christmas lights in our little backyard garden and had a very adult sunday evening gathering complete with her sicillain-greek savory dishes and my southern-inspired baked treats. About 5 people came that are new friends of mine and I felt very lucky to sit in a little semi-cirlcle of these folks who came by to make my house feel warm.

Oh you know what's missing? Dance. and I really miss it. You know what else is missing? Romantic relationship drama and I couldn't care less. Finally.


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