Monday, August 21, 2006

My life is so full of opportunities that come with very little direction. I always find myself in the sweetest of situations, where I really have to work hard to figure things out. Okay, I ask for it really. Don't like to be told what to do, or think, or how to do anything so of course I would end up here, working sort of alone, with such an allergy to authority that I can't really get comfortable with enacting it myself. It's like there is a big puzzle piece missing that could make it all come together and be amazing. What is it. . . ?

Anyway, i'm having a period of hating my hair. . . and everything else. I really wish I could put an end to these periods and also the idea that spending money on things and altering this or that about myself will make me feel better because it always does. for like 2 months.

is this the same missing link? maybe. Like everything else, its probably about acceptance.


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