Monday, October 09, 2006

First off, I have a job.

And a to-do list that is making me cringe, but there is a paycheck attached to it.

Second of all, summer snuck up on SF this weekend disguised in a week of rain and cold winter weather. Yesterday, my slightly hungover ass was laying in Delores Park sweating and cursing the fact that Lake Washington was not in my backyard. Today, like so many other days, I'm sitting in a coffee shop trying to work, smiling at cute people, and waiting for something interesting to happen. This is sort of a pathetic excuse for a social life so Ima gonna work on this. I should start volunteering somewhere. hmmm. . .

Saturday my roommate and I kidnapped some random guys from a random party and tried to go to another one. When that was a bust we dragged these poor dudes around the neighborhood and back to our house. Then we had a spontaneous dance party and they went home. That was the most excitement this girl has seen in a while. . . other than getting a big ole' grant last week. woo woo.

So I just passed the 6 month mark in SF. I think I'm probably in the hard spot or one of the many. Not the "i'm really homesick and tired of getting lost "spot but the "how do you get past just having a bunch of aquaintances and find quality people to develop good friendships with" one. I was so lucky to have that in droves in Seattle. In SF, you can get almost anything on Craig's list. . . I wonder if that can be applied to this situation.


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